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Vetia Mare
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Direct Mail
The opportunity

Jubilee Campaign works globally to tackle the injustice faced by Children at Risk to deliver lasting change. Through a number of campaign and dynamic local partners they strive to tackle issues such as child sacrifice in Uganda, Child Prostitution and child imprisonment. Through an ongoing relationship, ALL Creative have been delivering their biannual fundraising mailer and have been asked to deliver a layout design as well as content guidance for their fundraising brochure. We are very proud to be involved with and support this valuable work.

Our solution

We gave the brochure a fresh and professional format as well as an emotive and moving feel, expressed though the visuals and text which reflects the very personal and specialist areas the organisation is involved in. Through the design we created a call to action marked by the bold ‘JUST ACT’ stamp which speaks directly to readers. Working closely with founder Danny Smith, we were able to reflect the very personal and specialist element of the organisation which focuses on several highly individual issues.

The results

The new communications look has successfully helped Jubilee Campaign maintain a significant level of donations despite their limited marketing spend and the already huge charity spectrum for children.