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Global medical marketing

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The opportunity

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, a global manufacturer of natural medicines, appointed ALL Creative to review the healthcare professional communications for Traumeel, their leading brand, for the management of inflammation and pain in musculoskeletal disorders, in order to better reflect the natural treatment’s brand positioning and competitive advantage.

Our solution

Our team helped restructure the brand’s core messages and created a distinctive health campaign visual that appeals to professionals across diverse regions spanning Europe and Latin America.

The new key visual comprises a flower, scientific flask and stylised x-ray image that together underpin Traumeel as a natural, clinically proven efficacious treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. The visual style, key messages and powerful infographics have been applied consistently by ALL Creative across a suite of professional medical communications.

The results

The new healthcare professional marketing materials have helped strengthen Traumeel’s profile, contributing towards considerably increased international sales.