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Pharmacy re-launch campaign

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Communication strategy
Trade marketing
The opportunity

ALL Creative was invited to work with Medicare, Vietnam’s leading beauty and health store, to help relaunch its in-store pharmacy. Renowned for its breadth of personal care offering, the brand wanted to extend this usp across its pharmacy range.

Our solution

ALL created a three phase communication approach. Initially the campaign builds on Medicare’s famous breadth of products and better conveys its new scope of range in pharmacy. The programme goes on to demonstrate the quality guarantee Medicare promises of genuine, safe and affordable products, and provides scope for category or seasonal promotions.

The visual approach of the programme incorporates Medicare’s heart brand logo and colours for added brand awareness and the heart stamp device adds a measure of trust, referencing Medicare’s customer guarantee. Our simple yet dynamic communications approach enables a clear, visual communication that engages with the brand’s core target audience of young, professional, urban Vietnamese.

The results

The three phase campaign was be launched in December 2015.