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Visitor wayfinding and sign scheme
Interpretive displays
Welcome entrance signs
Visitor map leaflet
The opportunity

To coincide with the opening of the highly publicised exhibition 'Diana: Her Fashion Story', ALL Creative was commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces to evaluate the visitor arrival experience at Kensington Palace and make strategic recommendations for development.

Our solution

Following extensive consultation with the project team and careful evaluation of all aspects of the visitor journey through the palace, we devised a bold new scheme to enhance visitor understanding and communication at key touch points.

From the moment visitors enter the palace, they are welcomed with entrance displays that help build expectation and give greater context to key monarchs and themes at the heart of the palace story and visitor offer.

This approach has been carried through other primary ground floor areas including a representation of the tickets and admissions space and the Stone Hall where visitors start and end their journey through each of the key routes and exhibition spaces.

In parallel, we have delivered a fully revised internal wayfinding scheme to improve visitor navigation throughout the palace.

The result

With a large increase in numbers of people coming to Kensington Palace following the opening of the new exhibition, the scheme has certainly been put through its paces. Already, the feedback from the palace team and visitors alike has been highly positive with significant improvements to overall visitor experience and enjoyment.