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The opportunity

Heel, one of the world’s leaders in homeopathic and bioregulatory medicine had developed an innovative skincare cream proven to deliver effective and safe benefits in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. ALL Creative was asked to consider how the treatment might be best positioned within a crowded and confusing active skincare category and to create the brand identity and communications.

Our solution

Together with the global brand team we established that this new product filled a clear gap in the treatments available for children’s atopic dermatitis by combining the efficacy of low-dose steroids with the safety of emollient care products. The Dermaveel brand was thus realised with an ethical yet caring visual identity and a communications campaign that aligned professional and consumer insights.

The result

Dermaveel was launched in Poland in Winter 2014 and early results have been extremely favourable with plans to roll-out the brand across Europe and Latin America in the near future.